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You can upload files from your PC or Google Drive.

Instruction Manual

We have a simple tutorial guide which explains the features of the software extension and what each button inside the extension does. Read our tutorial and welcome guide on how to use the extension to the fullest.

Any operating system works

This addons works on all computers - the operating system you use doesn't matter.

Edit your images online now with our free image editor. There are many useful features for our image editor which include

  • cropping your images, rotating your images, adding shapes onto your images, adding text to your images, making your images to be grey scale


Edit your Images online today with this extension.

There are many different features used in online image editors, and they vary from site to site. However, there are some that are particularly common and can be expected to be found on most sites. These features include:

Resizing photos

Cropping photos

Rotating photos

Flipping images horizontally or vertically

Enhancing image quality by increasing contrast and brightness levels of the image

If you're looking to edit your photos, there are a variety of free and paid options available. Here are the ones we recommend:

Picmonkey (free) - This is the best free photo editing tool. It offers a number of basic edits like cropping, resizing and rotating, but also includes advanced features like layers, filters and effects.

Photoshop Express (free) - If you're looking for more advanced options than Picmonkey offers, Photoshop Express is a great choice. It includes all the features you would expect from Adobe Photoshop, but in a free package that works on iOS and Android devices as well as on Windows and Mac computers.

Pixlr-o-matic (free) - Pixlr-o-matic is another browser-based photo editor that offers many of the same features found in Photoshop Express. The main difference is that it offers more filters than other apps in its category (including some really fun ones).

For the best experience, we recommend using a photo editor that's designed for Windows 10. Here are some of our favorite options:

Adobe Photoshop Express: A free photo editor that offers basic editing tools in a simple interface. It's not as powerful as Photoshop, but it's still very useful for quick fixes and basic edits.

Adobe Lightroom CC: A subscription-based photo editing app that offers advanced features like healing and noise reduction. You can also sync your photos across devices, making it easier to edit them on the go.

Paint 3D: The built-in 3D painting app in Windows 10 lets you create stunning artwork with its easy-to-use interface and realistic brushes.

Windows Photos: The built-in image viewer in Windows 10 lets you quickly crop, rotate or resize images right from within the app itself without having to open an external editor first.


  1. Install the Extension
  2. After installing the extension, click on the icon on the toolbar.